Why Volunteer?

Calling all Emerson Families!

Are you looking for a way to participate in your tween’s life without having to text or call them? You’re in luck! Become a PACE Parent Volunteer! We need all types of thinkers, doers, and shakers!

#1 – Join other satisfied and happy PACE Parent Volunteers! 
Sign up and more information here:

#2 – In addition, LAUSD is requiring on-campus volunteers to complete the online volunteer application on the School Volunteer Management System for the 2022/2023 school year.
Access the online registration process and application here:

We have a strong community of amazing families to help us accomplish the many wonderful things planned for our students and the surrounding school community. This strong base of active parents and guardians combined with our great teaching staff and dedicated administration is a winning combination. And we would love for you to join us!

You might think that you don’t have enough time – NOT TRUE! 
This is a misconception – many of our volunteer activities involve as little as 2 hours a semester.

What are they? We’re glad you asked! Here are some benefits that we’ve found, plus many more:

#1 – You gain access to the school
For safety reasons, most schools do not allow parents from entering the school compound during the school day. Being a Parent Volunteer means you’re able to witness firsthand the environment that your child learns in, including getting to know their friends and teachers.

#2 – You get acquainted with your children’s teachers
Most parents only get to meet teachers during Parent-Teacher meetings once or twice a year. As a volunteer, you’re bound to bump into your child’s teachers and these brief encounters provide opportunities to exchange quick words on your child’s performance or behavior in school.

#3 – You bond with your child and their friends
While volunteering, you become a familiar face to your kid’s friends and classmates. Knowing your children’s friends helps to connect the dots during conversations and strengthens our relationship with our kids.

#4 – It has a positive impact on your child emotionally
Even though they might not tell you, your kids still like your involvement at school! This connects “my mom/dad loves me and cares enough to want to be involved in my school life.” 

#5 – You think outside the box and become more creative
A number of PACE volunteer programs involve creative thinking and skills. Are you a storyteller? Creative artist? Lead a committee to create a beautiful mural, or beautify the school’s hallways and gardens. These projects will leave lasting memories for your family, plus will add to the positive spirit of the school for future Emerson families long after we’re gone.

#6 – Your work skills are sharpened along the way
Let’s connect your career and life passions to help make magic at Emerson! Many of the programs we initiate at Emerson can be transferred to and complement our careers. Are you in Management or an Executive? Marketing? Finances? Management? Legal? Computers/IT? Stay-at-home Parent (a.k.a. Home CEO)? Bring your skills and let’s do something fun with them!

#7 – Life is more fulfilling
It’s really healthy to have an opportunity to interact with other positive and supportive like-minded parents! These volunteer stints offer a different perspective on life and may even lead you to discover friends you never knew existed.

#8 – You are contributing back to your community and society
We have considerably less free time as we get older and as a result, are less connected with our kids’ circle of influence. It is especially meaningful when parents volunteer and will do wonders for your relationship. Let’s make the most of whatever little time we have left with our kids in a more meaningful way.

Everyone participating in PACE is a volunteer, including us. Each one of us is taking time, energy, and resources to support ALL the kids, parents, teachers, and staff who are a part of the Emerson Community. It truly takes a village. Let’s be sure to thank everyone for doing service at all Emerson PACE events and meetings. Thank you!

We appreciate your participation as it helps us better plan and prepare for Emerson’s programs, events, and activities throughout the year AND next year. We look forward to speaking with you and seeing you soon!

Yours in Parent Volunteering,

Elaine Hsieh (8th grade)
Jacquie Shabel (7th Grade)
Emerson PACE 2022-2023