Welcome to Emerson PACE

Welcome to PACE for Emerson Community Charter Middle School!  PACE (Partnership in Academics and Community for Emerson) is the parent group working to help teachers and administrators at Emerson continue to make it the best place it can be.

Ever wonder why our school has such great programs? That’s because of you and your generous donations! Your donations to PACE pays for

  • Teachers’ aides
  • Technology in the classroom and IT support
  • Field trips and need based scholarships
  • Speech and Debate tournaments
  • Performing arts
  • Basic supplies like copy paper, pens and pencils
  • Curriculum support and professional development for teachers

These programs could not exist without your help. We ask every family to donate $750 per child. However, we realize that this is not possible for all families, so we ask that EVERY family donate what they can. We want every child at Emerson to have access to what they need to learn and thrive. This will only happen if you chip in and make it happen. You can donate to PACE directly via Paypal.


Looking for other ways to make a difference? Volunteer with PACE! For more information, email info@emersonpace.com.

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