2022 - 2023 Awards News


APRIL 2023: The Emerson Speech and Debate team competed in the 4th Quarter SCJFL Competition on Friday, 4/14, at Jefferson Middle School.  Congratulations to these amazing kids for competing in the tournament:

Aanjali Edwards, Alyssa Hutchinson, Aria Jeong, Audrey Calladine, Caidyn Frazier, Candela Cortes-Acin, Carter Longley, Charles Renard, Darla Castellanos, Elia Chen, Emerson Hoffman, Emily Kennedy, Leo Behar, Louis Steiner, Lucas Roberts, Mabel Rappaport, Maribelle Hoffa, Merrick Cheung, Micah Lin, Noa Siegel, Noah Valmonte, Otem McGregor, Parker Stern, Ronan Schugren, Sierra Hitchcock, Sophia Soltis, and Tali Arato

Several members of the Emerson team broke to finals and took home trophies!

*Dramatic Interpretation: Tali Arato-7th, Maribelle Hoffa-5th, Sophia Soltis-4th, Elia Chen-2nd
*DUO: Maribelle Hoffa & Elia Chen-3rd
*Poetry: Merrick Cheung-1st
*SPAR:  Charles Renard-16th, Ronan Schugren-15th, Alyssa Hutchinson-13th, Leo Behar-11th, Micah Lin-5th, Sophia Soltis-3rd
*Storytelling: Parker Stern-3rd

Thank you to Ms. Karasik for coaching and leading the team, and to our parent judges.  A big congratulations to the entire team!