GATE Information

Highly Gifted Magnet Programs Application Timeline for 2021-2022

During school closures, intellectual testing for identification as highly gifted (HG) or highly gifted applicable (HGA) has been suspended. Based on how the tests are normed, standardized assessments must be conducted face-to-face by an LAUSD designated GATE psychologist in order for the test results to be valid. As a result, the on-time application for Highly Gifted Magnets (HGM) has been adjusted and will occur in spring 2021. Highly Gifted Magnets will not be listed in the Choices/Opciones application during the on-time application window (October 1 – November 13, 2020).

When schools safely reopen, testing will resume and if eligible, interested applicants may use the late application to apply for an HGM and be considered “on time.” Please note that the closing of schools since March has and will continue to impact the timeline for assessments. The Gifted/Talented Programs office is committed to addressing HG eligibility as quickly and equitably as possible. Referrals for HG applicants with pending 2019-2020 school year referrals will be prioritized for testing when schools reopen. The second highest priority for testing will include approved reassessment cases that were initially scheduled for testing in spring 2020, and lastly, any new referrals for HG applicants.

Please refer any Magnet-specific questions to (213) 241-4177 (option 1) or [email protected].