Emerson Cares

Emerson Community Charter Middle School is a diverse and extraordinary community where every family supports every student. 

Emerson Cares is an anonymous support program discreetly assisting students in need. 

Major programs of Emerson Cares: 

Food: Students won’t succeed if they are hungry. About 50 percent of Emerson students qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. Some students might not have access to enough food over the weekends and holiday breaks. Our goal is to distribute food gift cards for times when school meals are not available. Emerson Cares will also provide granola bars on campus for hungry kids on the free and reduced lunch program. 

School Supplies: Emerson Cares knows that school supplies are vital to a student’s success. From pencils to notebooks to calculators, referred students will have access to school supplies. 

Funding for Emerson Cares is under the umbrella of the school’s parent group, PACE, a 501C3 non- profit organization. 100% of what we raise goes back to our students. We run solely on donations and grants.